10 Weirdest Movie Trailers Of All Time: An Odyssey From Ed Wood To Kevin Smith

A great movie trailer will excite audiences to set time aside to see an upcoming movie. However, some trailers are just so bizarre that it is unclear whether the movie should be avoided or embraced as a triumph of lunacy. For your viewing pleasure, here are our choices of the 10 weirdest movie trailers of all time. If you've not seen any of these films, ask yourself if you'd go out of your way to see these flicks just based on their trailers. "Glen or Glenda" (1953): "It's Fantastic! It's Unbelievable! It's true!" claimed the trailer to this no-budget jumble from the notorious Ed Wood , which grafted the headlines surround the then-current headlines around Christine Jorgensen's sex reassignment surgery into an incoherent tale about an anxiety-burdened cross-dresser (played by Wood). While the trailer mentions Bela Lugosi as the film's star, the one-time Dracula is nowhere to be seen in this breathless mess of a trailer. "Conquest of Space" (1955): Billed as "The Biggest True Story of Our Century!", this George Pal sci-fi adventure is notable for serving up some of the crummiest special effects for an outer space odyssey. But you haven't lived until you've seen the astronauts' faces droop when they start traveling at 14,000 miles per hour.   "The Horror Of Party Beach" (1964): This film has everything - a band playing "six ... Full story available on Benzinga.com