5 Value Stocks To Watch In The Energy Sector

What is a Value Stock? A value stock is traditionally defined in terms of how investors in the marketplace are valuing that company's future growth prospects. Low P/E multiples are good base indicators that the company is undervalued and can most likely be labelled as a value stock. Below is a list of notable value stocks in the energy sector: Energy Transfer (NYSE:ET ) - P/E: 9.09 Vermilion Energy (NYSE:VET ) - P/E: 4.15 Flex LNG (NYSE:FLNG ) - P/E: 8.02 PBF Logistics (NYSE:PBFX ) - P/E: 6.42 GeoPark (NYSE:GPRK ) - P/E: 7.01 Energy Transfer saw an increase ... Full story available on Benzinga.com