Apple Teased First-Ever iPhone Using Clownfish Wallpaper But Never Included It: Now, It Might Be Finally Here

Some Apple Inc  (NASDAQ: AAPL ) users are reporting that the iconic clownfish wallpaper seen during the release of the first-ever iPhone  has made a comeback in its latest iOS16 beta release. What Happened:  Self-described tech geek Jack Roberts  said on Twitter, first reported  by The Verge, that wallpaper featuring the clownfish with a background of green anemone was present in iOS 16 Beta 3.  Has anyone else noticed this in iOS 16 Beta 3? — Jack Roberts (@jacklroberts) July 6, 2022 Apple-focused journalist Mark Gurman  pointed out that it was the wallpaper Steve Jobs  used when the original iPhone was announced 15 years ago, but never made it on any shipped device.  Some users appear to be seeing a new Clownfish wallpaper ... Full story available on