Big Idea Ventures: Lifestyle Business Advocate John Lamerton Announces The Top 100 Business Books You Should Read Today

Plymouth, July 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- John Lamerton is a bestselling author who has been involved in more than 60 small businesses, and coaches around 100 small business owners with his unique no-nonsense advice and straightforward approach that cuts through the usual business jargon. John's company Big Idea Ventures, as well as his website, blog, podcast, group coaching platform and popular books, enable John to use his knowledge and expertise to help business owners improve both their businesses and lives. His relatable and valuable guidance has earned him followers from all over the world and now John has released his definitive list of the top 100 best business books , so that you can find success in all areas of business. Finding Your Business Lifestyle With his bestselling book on how to build a lifestyle business  and popular Ambitious Lifestyle Business podcast, where he interviews other business owners to find out how they've designed their businesses around their lifestyle (and not the other way around), John shares his insight on how to work to live ... Full story available on