Brittney Griner's Wife On "CBS Mornings" Pushes Biden To Do More, Says Russian Accusation About Drugs Is Fabrication

During a Tuesday interview with Gayle King on "CBS Mornings," Cherelle Griner essentially said she was aghast when she heard her basketball superstar wife had been detained for "large-scale" transportation of drugs, as the Russians alleged when they arrested her in Moscow on February 17. "It blew my mind. I'm like, large scale? I live with BG every day, so I'm like, there's no way possible," Cherelle said. "I knew it wasn't true the minute that I heard the charge, because I know my wife." Where's The President? Cherelle has publicly commented on several occasions that she's not had the opportunity to speak with President Biden about Brittney's arrest, detention and what many see as a show trial, which ... Full story available on