Cannabis Reg. Update: Arkansas To Put Marijuana Legalization On Ballot, 16 Businesses In Colorado Get $25k to $50k In Grants To Foster Equity & More

Arkansas Cannabis Activists Collect Double Signatures Required To Place Marijuana Legalization On Ballot  Marijuana activists in The Land of Opportunity are pushing hard to see adult-use cannabis legal in the state. Responsible Growth Arkansas , an organization fighting to place recreational marijuana on the ballot, recently confirmed having gathered approximately 200,000 signatures, which is double the minimum needed, reported KFSM-TV .  If recreational cannabis reaches the 2022 ballot and ends up approved, it would make marijuana legal for adults over 21. Furthermore, it would withdraw taxes from the state medical marijuana program and would set up cannabis tax income to fund law enforcement systems and the state court.    “Through the first five months of 2022, an average of $741,000 is spent each day across the state’s 38 dispensaries to purchase medical marijuana,” Scott Hardin , spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (ADFA) told the outlet.  “Over the last 12 months, we saw $32 million generated from medical marijuana to the state. If recreational were to happen, say those numbers change very dramatically,” Hardin said, pointing out how the legal recreational cannabis industry would boost the economy in the state.  Steve Lancaster , Wright Lindsey & Jennings, LLP partner representing Responsible Growth Arkansas, commented, “Those monies will go for law enforcement, goes to drug court, and would also go to cancer research.”  “ Come Friday, we’re going to turn in 200,000 signatures of Arkansans,” added Lancaster.  Massachusetts Sen. Rodrigues On Starting The Process Of Modernizing Cannabis Laws  Massachusetts lawmakers have started to work on completing a marijuana industry reform bill  that aims to modernize regulations that were ... Full story available on