Cannabotech's Experiment Shows Synergy Between Cannabinoids & Fungus In Its Anti-Cancer Drug

Cannabotech (CNTC.TA), revealed the results of a new experiment, further to an experiment in a cell model in April 2022, which proved that the fungus-cannabinoids combination kills pancreatic cancer cells with high efficacy of up to 100% . The present experiment proves that the combined treatment of the two, at low concentrations , shows a much higher anti-cancerous efficacy than any of the active ingredients individually (an effect called: synergy ). This result reinforces the assumption that combined treatment by fungal extract and cannabinoids would effectively treat pancreatic cancer with fewer side effects. The experiment examined the effect of cannabinoids and fungal extracts on 3 subtypes of pancreatic cancer, with the best results obtained in a subtype representing poorly differentiated cancer, considered the most violent and common in the population. Another element tested in these experiments was identifying the killing mechanism of cancerous cells. The experiment showed that while killing ... Full story available on