Ever Wanted To Eat A Popsicle That Looks Like Elon Musk? This Pop Up Ice Cream Truck Has You Covered This Week

An art collective that has produced some viral limited edition collections ranging from artwork, sneakers and social media posts has a new collection this week that involves popsicles. Here are the details. What Happened : The newest collection from MSCHF (pronounced mischief) is a pop-up ice cream truck selling “eat the rich popsicles. ” The popsicles feature the likenesses of five of the richest and most well known billionaires in the world. Here are the five people included: Elon Musk, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA ) CEO: “Munch Musk” Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN ) founder: “Bite Bezos” Bill Gates, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: Full story available on Benzinga.com