Exclusive: CoinFlex CEO On 'Bitcoin Jesus' Roger Ver, Debt And Exchange Withdrawal Freeze

In the second half of Benzinga’s latest “Moon or Bust” crypto livestream hosts Ryan McNamara and Aaron Bry interviewed Mark Lamb , co-founder and CEO of CoinFLEX , a company committed to providing institutions and retail investors an easily accessible platform to earn and trade, and incudes a futures exchange with its own stablecoin that pays interest on-chain every eight hours. Lamb has been in crypto for nine years and started the first U.K. Bitcoin exchange, CoinFloor. About four years ago, Lamb started CoinFLEX in Hong Kong. Like many centralized crypto exchanges, CoinFLEX is currently facing a significant problem. What Happened:  Lamb stated, "CoinFLEX gave a non-liquidation account backed by a personal guarantee to one of our customers, and now we need to recoup those funds.” In normal ... Full story available on Benzinga.com