Here's How Much It Costs To Fill A F-150 Gas Tank: Is This Playing A Role In Ford F-150 Lightning's Strong Sales?

For years, the most popular vehicle in the United States has been the F-150 truck from Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F ). With higher gas prices and a high cost to fill up, the F-150 could see less demand and some consumers switching to the all-electric version, the F-150 Lightning. What Happened: While gas prices have begun to come down in recent weeks, the $5 a gallon or more drivers were paying at the start of the summer left a big impression. A report from the Washington Post showed that the cost to fill-up the gas tank on an F-150 truck was around $130 depending on the driver's home state. The increased gas prices also mean that fuel is representing a higher portion of disposable income and monthly bills for consumers. The report said gas now represents around 2.5% of monthly spending, ... Full story available on