How Effective Is Unusual Options Activity

Unusual options are a beneficial tactic that can massively reward an investor if they are highly knowledgeable, but it can remain as another method for the less skilled trader to make an intelligent investment judgment when keeping other insights into account.

The activity of unusual options alone is not a trading tactic, but it does warn you that something is happening somewhere and you should take a look. Trading opportunities can be provided through volume and aggressive trading and you can do a deeper study to shape a strategy.

Note other relevant details to remember, such as business activities and earnings (which may be catalysts for major stock movements),traded percent calls and puts, stock price activity, and implied options market volatility.

Options provide a high trading flexibility strategy that can substantially minimize the potential cost of a sale or provide extra revenue. Yet, since they incorrectly conclude the options are dangerous, many individuals struggle to capitalize on this potentially lucrative opportunity. Options specialist Andrew Keene now encourages new investors to access this field by illustrating the rules of the demand for options and teaching readers how to successfully use calls and puts.

Bullish And Bearish Sentiments

When a call is acquired at/near ask price or a put is offered at/near bid price, options are "bullish". When a call is offered at/near bid price or a put is acquired at/near offer price, options are "bearish".

While the action is descriptive of these tactics, these assumptions are made without understanding the true motives of the purchaser when buying contracts for these options. An outsider may not be sure whether the bettor plays the contract outright or whether a significant underlying stake in a common stock is hedged by them. In the above situation, the sensitivity of a major holder to its short common stock interest could be more important than the operation of bullish options.

Someone has gone through and monitored the P&L of those tactics for those who pay attention to unusual options practices.

Why is this interesting?

It indicates intense urgency on the trader's side, given a big enough exchange and being purchased on the offer or sold on the bid.

For instance, let's assume there was a hypothetical exchange of 5k calls that had a spread of $3.00 to $3.70, and the order was executed at $3.70.

Compared to open interest, this combined with the unprecedented high regular volume and/or transaction size makes this form of trade very important, bringing a signal that there is a chance of a possible big change in the underlying stock. Unusually high option contract transactions suggest that someone believes that there is an inevitable occurrence that will transfer a stock in a major way. When multiple sweep contracts come in (sweepers as they are referred to) this add additional confidence that this trade is worth while looking into.


This rare notification of options will help traders monitor potentially significant trading opportunities. Traders also search for conditions where an option's market estimate diverges away from its usual value. Unusual trading activity may drive hyperbolic or underperforming levels of option prices.

When an alternative that normally trades a few contracts a day unexpectedly trades 5,000 contracts a day, someone bets that there will be a major move. The operation of extraordinary options clearly describes unique option contracts trade a significant amount of money compared to the normal daily volume of the contract. This is what makes SweepCast Unusual Options Activity Scanner so popular and worthwhile investing a few dollars a day into.