Mobile Security Market is Attain Value of $14.82 Billion by 2028 | Increased Adoption of Smartphones and Growing Penetration of Internet to Bolster Market Growth

Westford, USA, July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the use of mobile devices continues to grow, so does the need for effective mobile security. Mobile devices are increasingly being used to store sensitive information and access critical data, making them a prime target for hackers. In response to this growing threat, many businesses are investing in mobile security solutions to protect their data and keep their employees safe. Mobile security market is a broad and covers a variety of different security measures. Common mobile security solutions include data encryption, password protection, and remote wiping. Data encryption ensures that information stored on a mobile device is unreadable by anyone who does not have the proper decryption key. Password protection prevents unauthorized access to a device by requiring a user to enter a password before accessing data. Remote wiping allows a device to be remotely wiped of all data in the event that it is lost or stolen. Investing in mobile security market is essential for any business that relies on mobile devices to store or access sensitive data. By implementing these solutions, businesses can protect themselves from data breaches and keep their employees safe. The use of mobile devices has become increasingly prevalent in both our personal and professional lives. Along with this increase in usage comes an increase in the need for mobile security services. The following are some of the reasons why demand for these services is growing: • More sensitive data is being stored on mobile devices. With the advent of cloud storage, people are storing more and more sensitive data on their smartphones and tablets. This includes everything from financial information to medical records. As such, there is a greater need to protect this data from hackers and other malicious individuals. • Mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated. The average smartphone today is much more powerful than the first generation of iPhones or Android phones. This increased sophistication means that there are more opportunities for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in these devices across global mobile security market. • People are increasingly relying on mobile devices for more than just communication. In the past, the primary use for mobile phones was to make calls and send texts. Today, however, we use them for a variety of tasks such as email, social media, online banking, and shopping. Since we rely on them for so many different activities, it is essential that they be secure from any type of attack or breach. Get sample copy of this report: Data Theft is Rising But 65% Mobile User Don't Know What is it? Data theft is a serious problem that is affecting more and more people. According to a recent study, 65% of mobile users don't even know what data theft is. This is an alarming statistic because it means that many people are at risk of having their personal information and wealth stolen without even realizing it. The study surveyed 10,0000 people in 100 countries and found that while awareness of data breaches is increasing in the global mobile security market, understanding of what constitutes data theft remains low. Just over half (51%) of those surveyed said they were aware of the term ‘data breach', but only 38% knew what it meant. When asked about specific types of data theft, such as identity theft or credit card fraud, awareness was even lower. Despite the lack of awareness, the poll found that people are becoming more concerned about their personal data being stolen. Forty-four percent said they were worried about their personal information being accessed without their permission, and 43% were concerned about their financial information being stolen. Identity theft was cited as the biggest worry among those surveyed (24%), followed by credit card fraud (22%). Cybercrime to Cost $10.5 Trillion By 2025 According to a recent report from cyber security firm McAfee, one of the leading players in mobile security market, the cost of cybercrime is expected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. The eye-watering figure is the result of a perfect storm of malicious activity and factors such as the increasing digitalization of the economy, growth in online vulnerabilities and the proliferation of ransomware. This rapid increase is due to both businesses and consumers becoming more reliant on digital devices and connections, as well as hackers becoming more sophisticated and organized in their approach. While businesses are starting to wake up to the threat posed by cybercrime, ... Full story available on