Needham Reasons How TSMC's N3E May Become Industry's Most Favored FinFET Node

Needham  analysts shared the key takeaways from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd's  (NYSE: TSM ) 2022 Technology Symposium. Firstly, N3 FinFLEX extends design optionality to transistor-level but may also signal the growing challenge of Moore's Law as TSMC pushes FinFET technology to a 3nm node. Secondly, N2 will be further challenged to cover TSMC's entire application space as the trade-off between performance and power may further widen. But the growing incompatibility between foundry gate-all-around (GAA) processes may lead to a "winner-takes-the-most" outcome in the GAA era. Thirdly, TSMC is fully committed to greater use of hybrid bonding across its application space, as the company vows to expand SoIC capacity by 20 times through 2026. But the new introduction of InFO-3D suggests a potentially delayed ... Full story available on