North America Connected Medical Devices Industry -- An Increasing Shift towards Better-Orchestrated Care in the Home Care Settings Will Boost the Market for Connected Medical Devices in North America: Ken Research

Gurugram, India, July 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- June 2022 |North America Connected Medical Devices Market News Key Findings As healthcare agencies cite the need for moving more and more patients to secure home care settings and reduce the burden on traditional healthcare facilities, the demand for connected medical devices is witnessing a rise in North America. Precise and data-based clinical guidance, qualities that connected medical devices equip the healthcare providers with, is resulting in faster and efficient care. The scope of containing the cost of care through these devices is leading smaller facilities, such as specialty clinics and ambulatory surgical centers to adopt these devices in North America. The traceability features that these devices come with is also helping in the treatment of aging people. Moreover, the rising numbers of health-conscious people is also boosting the demand for these devices that help to keep vital health parameters under control. The Need for Moving More Patients to Secure Home Care Settings:   Traditional healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes, is fast becoming overburdened in terms of serving patients through their existing infrastructure, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Treating patients in a secure and well-monitored home care setting is becoming vital for many in North America. Connected medical devices help keep continuous track on patients recovering at home and also ensures timely delivery of care through their real-time alerting systems. Faster, Efficient and Cost-Effective Delivery of Care : Connected medical devices offer better clinical guidance by unlocking large siloes of critical patient data. The use of AI and even block chain technology in some cases help care providers equip healthcare providers with precision and accuracy in their identification and diagnosis of conditions. Moreover, the use of connected technology help deliver services faster and contain the cost. The Use of Connected Medical Devices in Keeping Vital Health Parameters in Check: Especially after the Covid pandemic, people have become more aware about keeping their vital health parameters under control. Increased health awareness is driving the growth in wearable health trackers and connected monitoring devices to keep a check on glucose levels, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication " North America Connected Medical Devices Market Outlook and Forecast to 2027 – Driven by Rising Consumer Awareness, Prevalence of Chronic Diseases, and Cost-containment of Connected Medical Devices " believe that the Connected Medical Devices market is expected to grow due to many benefits offered by these devices, including faster and efficient delivery of care at a lower cost, the scope of offering improved healthcare services in home care settings and the provisions of keeping vital health parameters in check with real-time monitoring and alerting systems. Key Segments Covered in North America Connected Medical Devices Market:- North America Connected Medical Devices Market By Components Medical devices System and Software Connectivity Technology Services North America Connected Medical Devices Market By Application Consultation and Diagnosis Services Treatment Services Remote Monitoring Fitness Wellness Services North America Connected Medical Devices Market By Product/ Solution Diagnostic Imaging Consumables Patient Aids Orthopedic and Prosthetic Dental Products Other Medical Equipment To ... Full story available on