ShipBob Announces WMS For E-Commerce Brands With Their Own Warehouses

For e-commerce brands that may own or lease warehouse space but lack the resources for full-fledged warehouse management systems, ShipBob has released a solution. Its Merchant Plus is a stand-alone warehouse management system (WMS) that helps these merchants benefit from a fulfillment operations platform while benefiting from ShipBob's global network. The solution provides access to ShipBob's carrier infrastructure, support team and fulfillment experts. In addition, brands using the WMS also gain access to ShipBob's suite of supply chain tools and access to ShipBob's warehouse network in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. "As an industry leader that is constantly working to bring more value to the e-commerce logistics ecosystem, we are proud to launch our Merchant Plus solution," said Dhruv Saxena, co-founder and CEO of ShipBob. "With this new platform, we are now giving businesses access to our WMS to continue to fulfill in-house, while also having the option to have ... Full story available on