Society Pass (SoPa) Marks First Foray Into Thailand by Acquiring Bangkok-Headquartered Thoughtful Media Group, Southeast Asia's Leading Digital Video Multi-Platform Network and Social Commerce Platform

SoPa acquires first company in Thailand and continues network expansion of its digital ecosystem throughout Southeast Asia ("SEA") Thoughtful Media's social commerce-focused Multi-Platform Network ("MPN") in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and the US amplifies SoPa's loyalty offering Thoughtful Media recorded revenues of US$5.8 million in 2021, forecasts significant revenue growth in 2022 and beyond Thoughtful Media's data-rich MPN has uploaded over 675,000 videos with over 80 billion video views since 2010, and the current network of 263 YouTube Channels has onboarded over 85 million subscribers SoPa sees significant cross-marketing and revenue generation synergies between Thoughtful Media and rest of SoPa ecosystem SINGAPORE, July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – Society Pass Incorporated ("SoPa" or "Society Pass") (NASDAQ:SOPA ), Southeast Asia's leading data-driven loyalty platform, today announces the acquisition of Thoughtful Media Group ("Thoughtful Media"), a social commerce-focused, premium digital video MPN headquartered in Thailand with an operating presence in the US, Vietnam, and Philippines. The acquisition of Thoughtful Media marks SoPa's first foray into Thailand and adds to SoPa's growing ecosystem of technology-enabled companies located in the SEA countries of Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Originally founded in 2010, Thoughtful Media today creates and distributes digital advertising campaigns across its MPN in both SEA and the US. With its intimate knowledge of local markets, digital marketing technology tools and social commerce business focus, advertisers leverage Thoughtful Media's wide influencer network throughout SEA to market and sell advertising inventory exclusively with specific placement and effect. As a result, Thoughtful Media's content creator partners earn a larger share of advertising revenues from ... Full story available on