Sri Lankan President Confirms Resignation As Enraged Demonstrators Continue To Occupy Presidential Palace

In the middle of an unprecedented economic turmoil, Gotabaya Rajapaksa , the president of Sri Lanka, confirmed his resignation as protesters continued to occupy the official residence of the top leader. What Happened : The prime minister's office confirmed that Rajapaksa would be officially stepping down from his position on July 13, the BBC reported. This came after the protestors refused to leave the Presidential Palace as they demanded the president's resignation in rage over the mishandling of the country's worst economic crisis. Many protesters remained strongly skeptical of the announcement as there has been no direct communication from Rajapaksa, who fled after protesters barged into his home with unprecedented agitation. Rajapaksa's location is currently undisclosed, but military sources have told the BBC that he is on a navy vessel in Sri Lankan waters. Under the country's law, Rajapaksa's resignation will only be formally accepted after he resigns by letter to the parliament speaker — which ... Full story available on