The BIPOC Cannabis Entrepreneur Who Founded Her Brand In Search Of Opioid-Free Pain Relief For Her Veteran Parents

Tess Melody Taylor , a queer Black woman born and raised in Texas, founded and self-funded the CBD skincare line , TAYLOR + tess , after seeing her military veteran parents struggle with joint and body aches. Seeking a more holistic solution beyond the opioids doctors had prescribed, Taylor also launched her own business, Dose of Saucy , a company that sells cannabis-infused condiments like BBQ and hot sauces. Its mission is to make cannabis inclusive and accessible to all . "My intersectional team is comprised of women, minorities, and LGBTQIA+ folks because the table always has more to offer when the people to the left and the right look and think differently than you. 100% of my supply chain is BIPOC and/or woman-owned. I hire ... Full story available on