Wen Pounce? AMC Entertainment CEO Hints At Crushing Short Sellers: Here's When The Squeeze Could Be On

Last year, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE: AMC ) CEO Adam Aron welcomed the support of retail investors and pledged to "go on offense" by opening new theater locations, expanding into alternative programming and accepting a handful of cryptocurrencies. Now the AMC CEO looks to be calling a new play.  What To Know: The retail investing crowd, who call themselves apes, will give you several different reasons why they continue to buy and hold AMC stock, but they are all on the same page about inducing a massive short squeeze and it seems Aron is rallying the troops. The AMC CEO on Thursday noted that he keeps getting asked: "Wen pounce?" "Know this: 1. I always keep my word. 2. I’ve said publicly a pounce would not happen before Second Quarter 2022 earnings are announced. 3. Press release issued today that Q2 earnings to be announced on Thurs, August 4. Read between those lines," ... Full story available on Benzinga.com