Why Michael Burry Sees Long-Term Inflation, Bigger Market Crash Ahead

Scion Asset Management CEO Michael Burry took to Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR ) on Tuesday to warn his 915,000 followers of long-term inflation and owes it to four critical factors. What happened: In the now-deleted tweet, Burry said, “Seems China moves on Taiwan in 2023, as the war in Ukraine spreads into the EU, maybe via Lithuania. Onshoring/blue-collar shortages plus global supply chain restructuring raise long-term inflation’s floor even as the bullwhip cycles lower to that end.”   https://t.co/xEYbo0IWmp pic.twitter.com/KSjAYqJd4i — Michael Burry Archive (@BurryArchive) July 5, 2022   Let’s peel back these four factors to better understand why the "Big Short" investor foresees long-term inflation. 1. “Seems China moves on Taiwan in 2023" China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province, while Taiwan sees itself as an independent country. President Xi Jinping of China has stated that "reunification" with Taiwan "must be fulfilled" and has left open the possibility of using force to accomplish this. Among the ... Full story available on Benzinga.com