You've Got A Friend In Me: Woody Supports Best Friend Buzz Lightyear In Tom Hanks Interview

“And as the years go by, our friendship will never die.” The lyrics to the song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from Randy Newman for the classic 1995 movie “Toy Story” ring true today with actor Tom Hanks standing by Tim Allen’s side. What Happened: Over the last few months, among the controversy surrounding the Pixar spinoff movie “Lightyear” was the decision to feature a new voice for the Buzz Lightyear character. Allen was replaced by Chris Evans , who voices Lightyear in the new movie, which tells the origin story of the space ranger. Allen recently said he had discussed a potential Buzz Lightyear origin story years ago. “I’ve said a long time ago, we talked about this many years ago. It came up in one of the sessions; I said what a fun movie that would be,” Allen said in an interview with Extra. Allen said the new team for “Lightyear” wasn’t the same team as the previous four Toy Story movies and said there ... Full story available on